the summary of The New Liberal Arts

18 Sep

In his article “The New Liberal Arts,”Sanford J. Ungar argues that people rely on common misperceptions to criticize liberal-arts. Then he explains why the common perceptions are wrong. Misperception 1: most families can no longer afford a liberal-arts degree.He agrues that we now must focus one “career education”. Liber-arts offers a better investment than ever.Misperception 2:graduates have difficulty in job market. He shows a survey to claim that in reality, a number of people with  liberal-arts degrees are needed by corporations. Misperception3:the first-class students are not able to learn liberal arts. He agrues that everyone has the chance to learn liberal arts. Misperception4:do not study arts.He explains the liberal arts in SEM way.Misperceptio5:because the liberal democrats make the country in trouble, we should not learn liberal arts.He explains arts can”promote the idea of  listening to all points of view and not relying on a single ideology, and eaaming all approaches to solving a problem rather than assuming that one technique or perspective has all the answers.”(193)Misperception6:America falls behind others countries because of liberal arts education.He mentions China is coming to approach liberal arts.Misperception7:there is no stimulation to learn liberal arts because the high cost education. The reason he figures out is government allows colleges to provide their education which is everything is follow the money. For these seven misperceptions, Ungar concludes that even financial issues can not be ignored, through liberal arts, we not just learn , but also make our life colorful, it makes you more rich in spirit.

According to Sanford J.Ungar.”Misperception No.2:College graduates are finding it harder to get good jobs with liberal-arts degrees.Who wants to hire somebody with an irrelevant major like philosophy or French? Yes, recent graduates have had difficulty in the job market, but the recession has not differantiated among major fields of study in its impact.”(192)Ungar mentions the misperception, and give the question to question how can the market employ people have an irrelevant major. However, he points out the recession which is everyone is hard to find a job does not distinguish major.It is true, we are hard to find a job in job market. Not only someone who has liberal arts degree find job is difficult, but also other fields degrees. The market is always change because of people’s demand, so that different fields want different quantity. therefore, we can never define which field degree is easy or hard to find job.


4 Responses to “the summary of The New Liberal Arts”

  1. Amber LaPiana September 18, 2012 at 8:50 pm #

    This summary aptly represents Ungar’s point of view. Good job.

    • shuangshuangli September 20, 2012 at 5:50 pm #

      I am sorry, propessor.I did not read the assigment clearly.
      I will add the paragraph response in which i quote specific parts of the essay

  2. braun112392 September 19, 2012 at 3:44 am #

    What are your views about the liberal arts system? Do you agree or disagree with Ungar? I think that you did a great job summarizing Ungar’s essay, but I’d like to hear how you feel about what he said, and what your feelings are towards the topic.

    • shuangshuangli September 20, 2012 at 5:47 pm #

      thanks for your advise. In fact, i forgot to write my opinion

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